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  • 2.ABOUT FAITH Faith Cheltenham is a competent individual. The following are some aspects of digital marketing where she excels. Data analytics gathers and analyses various types of information from online interactions with the target market using practical techniques and cutting-edge software. With the use of several web technologies that are now available to measure data across different platforms, Faith Cheltenham analyses the data. She selects the most effective marketing strategies for her clients. FAITH CHELTENHAM
  • 3.The most dependable all-around digital marketing services have been offered by Faith. She'll work with a network of independent contractors, global web developers, SEO experts, logo designers, and large and small enterprises. MISSION FAITH CHELTENHAM VISION The objectives of Faith Cheltenham include creating outstanding content that is optimized for search engines and acquiring communication skills. To ensure that the marketing strategy's effects last for a long enough period of time, she produces evergreen content.
  • 4.ACHIEVER Faith has been recognized as a Black bisexual journalist advocate by GO Magazine and The National Association of LGBT Journalists. In addition to her blog,, Faith Cheltenham has been frequently published in the Advocate, Huffington Post, South Florida Gay News, and Washington Blade. FAITH CHELTENHAM
  • 5.For those who identify as bisexual, pansexual, fluid, queer, or unlabeled, BiNet was an American advocacy network. It contributed to developing a vast network of independent bisexual and bi-friendly groups up until 2020. With a focus on pan sexuality, the queer(bi+) community, and fluidity, it actively spreads awareness of bisexuality and bi-inclusivity online. It also compiles and disseminates information on sexual orientation and gender identity. Faith Cheltenham serves as the board of directors president. She had given up on progressive politics entirely and was now identifying as a Christian conservative. FAMOUS FOR FAITH CHELTENHAM
  • 6. FAITH CHELTENHAM Follow on @faithcheltenhamx @faithcheltenhamdotcom @Faith Cheltenham