Specific Rules of BonoLoto for India Online Lottery


Presentation Transcript

  • 2.What is the Complementary Number in Bonoloto? In addition to the six balls that make up the winning combination, an additional ball called the supplementary is also removed. This auxiliary ball is also taken from the primary drum, which contains the balls with numbers 1 through 49.
  • 3.WHAT IS A BONOLOTO REFUND NUMBER? The Bonoloto refund number is a prize offered to the winners of a certain number drawn randomly from the second drum containing balls with digits 0 to 9. The system awards the prize at random when the bet is validated and consists of a fixed payment equal to the weight of a simple chance for all tickets containing that number.
  • 4.THE POTENTIAL PRIZE AMOUNT There are five prize tiers in the BonoLoto India online lottery, and 55% of all ticket purchases go into the prize pool. Depending on the tickets sold, the minimum jackpot is typically in the neighborhood of €400,000. If no one wins the jackpot, this continues. The highest BonoLoto jackpot in history was €7.1 million.
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