TTL Super Squad


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  • 1. TTL Super Squad
  • 2.  TTL Super Squad and PFT  There is something in the Marine Corps called Super Squad. It is a squad of marines that are handpicked from within each company to be part of an elite team of stellar performers. This squad of Marines trains twice a day similar to how we train at the lab and how we trained during our ruck training ops for the Go Ruck Tough event that several of us did in DC and here in NYC.
  • 3. What Does Being Part Of TTL Super Squad Mean For You? First, like the patch you get for completing a GORUCK event, you will get a special TTL Super Squad patch that can never be bought. You will also be officially listed on TTL’s Super Squad page. If you are part of a TTL team that completes a race (Spartan, Tough Mudder, etc) it will be paid for by TTL.
  • 4.Requirements To Be On TTL Super Squad: . 1. Must be a current member of The Training Lab with a minimum of 20 classes attended within a two month timeframe. 2. Must successfully complete a TTL S.E.R.E class 3. Must have PFT 1st class elite score (explained later) 4. Must possess the following character traits: Integrity, humility.
  • 5.TTL Physical Fitness Test (PFT) . There are 5 areas of fitness to be tested: Mobility, Cardiovascular, Lower body strength, Upper body strength and core strength. Each part is worth a total of 20 points for a total of 100 points BW=body weight
  • 6.Contact US Name: The Training Lab NYC Address: 28 West 37th Street, 2nd Floor, New York Website: