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  • 1.Vervet Monkeys By Graylyn
  • 2.Habitats Woodlands High plains Savannah Prefer Acacia by streams
  • 3.Appearance 18 to 26 inches high Weighs from 6 to 17 pounds Males are larger Newborn - black fur pink face Weighs 5.5 when young
  • 4.Eating habits Mainly omnivorous Rarely eat rodents and hares Rarely drink water Eat insects, eggs, baby birds Also leaves, bark, flowers, and fruit
  • 5.Behaviors and Other Facts They are pregnant for 5 ½ months Don’t go more than 500 yards from trees Baby stays on its moms back Females live in groups but not males Play by pushing each other Lemurs are close cousins
  • 6.Pictures
  • 7.Resources Out of Africa Monkey Matters African Wildlife Gallery
  • 8.Thanks for watching! Thank you for watching and learning about the agile vervet monkey. Come back soon! Bye! And don’t hunt them, please!!!!!!!