The Parables Of Jesus

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  • 1.Is Baptism Necessary? Is Baptism Necessary To Be Saved? Mark 16:16
  • 2.Is Baptism Necessary? Found in the book of Acts Illustrating the preaching of the gospel Showing what people were told, what they did, in order to be saved In every example, people were baptized! Consider The Examples Of Conversion As Demonstrated On The Next Slide
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  • 4.Forgiveness of sins! Ac 2:38; 22:16; Ep 1:7 Gift of the Holy Spirit Jn 7:37-39; Ac 2:38; 1Co 12:13 Union with Christ! Jn 15:4-5; Ga 3:27 Newness of life! Ro 6:3-7; Co 2:11-13 Salvation! Mk 16:16; 1Pe 3:21; He 9:14 What Does Baptism Accomplish? If Baptism Accomplishes All This, What Is Your Condition Without Baptism? Is BaptismNecessary?
  • 5.While on earth, Jesus could forgive the sins of anyone He wanted Mk 2:5-10; Lk 7:47-50 When He died, Jesus established a New Covenant (testament), in which baptism is now commanded He 9:15-17; Mk 16:16; Ac 2:38 What About The Thief On The Cross? Is BaptismNecessary? The Thief Lived Under The Old Covenant; We Live Under The New Covenant!
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  • 7.Baptism Is Essential To The Gospel! “In an apostolic sermon it comes as its logical conclusion. An effort ought to be made to restore this note in our preaching.” - George Beasley-Murray, Baptism In The New Testament “And now why are you waiting? Arise and be baptized, and wash away your sins, calling on the name of the Lord.” ~ Acts 22:16 Is BaptismNecessary?
  • 8.Is Baptism Necessary? Yes! What Are You Waiting For? Acts 8:35-38