Swing with Safety - How to use an over The Door Sex Swing


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  • 1.Swing with Safety - How to use an over The Door Sex Swing Who needs gravity when you can literally swing your way into your next orgasm using an over the door sex swing? Our Door Slam Love Sex Swing allows you to please or be pleased in many positions that are physically impossible on a bed or chair. This over the door sex swing is made of polyester and acrylic, designed for the most imaginative of kinksters.
  • 2. How to Install To install an over the door sex swing, place the bars over the door so that the bars are hanging over to door to the outside. The swing itself is secured by the door frame. Make sure it’s a solid, sturdy door and not a hollow one. Close and lock the door for safety and privacy to put the final touches on a quick installation. An over the door sex swing can be intimidating; they may look like a torture device but, unfortunately for some us, they aren’t. Although There are a lot of parts, the Door Slam Love Sex Swing is simply made and easy to install. For safety purposes, always check to make sure all the pieces are available and in working order. Another thing to consider is the weight limit of the over the door sex swing. Make sure your over the door sex swing can handle the pressure of you and your partner, or at the very least, one of you.
  • 3.Getting Started Playing with an over the door sex swing allows for all kinds of fun positions. Start by stepping into the harness so that your thighs are in the straps, putting you in a sitting position facing away from the door. This gives great access to the person being penetrated. Alternatively, the person doing the penetrating can sit in the swing and have their partner slide back onto them. You can also turn around so that you are in the same position, but your feet are on the door. This gives your leverage to control depth and pacing with your partner. Take it a step further by throwing one or both of your legs over your partners’ shoulders. The Cowboy If you are feeling REALLY adventurous, use the straps of the over the door sex swing as foot anchors. In this position you can have your back against the door, holding on to the upper straps to brace yourself. This is a perfect position to receive oral sex. Turn around and it becomes the best position for rimming. Because your feet are in the straps, you can stand OR straddle. Having your partner sit in a chair while you cowboy makes this position enticing for all penetrative sex.
  • 4.The Wheelbarrow Another position you can try is a wheelbarrow. You’ll likely need your partner’s help to get into this one. By putting your legs through the straps so that your belly is parallel to the floor and the bottoms of your feet are turned up, you are in a great position for doggystyle allowing your partner to enter you from behind. Remember to have your partner hold your hands out to the side to help support your weight. Equalize your Intercourse The best thing about over the door sex swings is that they can act as the great equalizer. They allow partners to try positions that may have been just out of reach due to height, weight, strength, or general ability limitations. Sex swings make some of the more strenuous positions more accessible by relieving the pressure on the joints and muscles. All it takes are a few adjustments to the straps. This means that even though over the door sex swings are falsely perceived as dangerous, they provide a safer route to kinkier sex for many couples. Whether you are just getting into kink or looking to add a little razzle dazzle to your sex life, an over the door sex swing can add several new layers of pleasure to your play. A few new positions here and there and soon, you’ll be swinging and flipping around like a pro. One of the best kept secrets about over the door sex swings is that they are incredibly affordable, and the Door Slam Love Sex Swing is one of the most versatile on the market, perfect for beginners! Remember to follow the instructions and be thorough about safety checks. Sex swings are for everyone.
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