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  • Skinport: The Best Way to Sell CSGO Skins For Real Money
  • 2.Skinport is a website that allows you to sell your skins and other items in exchange for cash. It’s one of the best ways to make some extra money from your CSGO collection, especially if you have a lot of skins. You can use Skinport to buy or sell skins, weapons, attachments, and more. You can also get paid instantly after selling your items. SKINPORT
  • 3.SKINPORT How does it work? You can either upload your inventory directly through the site, or you can send them an email with your inventory. If you choose to do this, be sure to include pictures of each item so they know what you are sending over. Once you receive payment, you will need to go back into your account on Steam and add the funds to your wallet.
  • 4.What are the minimum requirements? To use Skinport, you must have at least 50 skins available for sale. You can find out how many skins you currently own by going to your Inventory page on Steam.
  • 5.Top benefits of Selling CSGO Skins for real money Skinport: Easy to Use – This is probably the biggest benefit of using Skinport. They have made it easy to navigate and set up your account. You don’t even need any experience to start making money!
  • 6.SKINPORT Instant Payments – When you sell your skins through Skinport, you will automatically receive payments within 24 hours. There is no waiting period like there is when you sell through other websites.
  • 7.Safe & Secure – Skinport uses 128-bit encryption technology to keep your information safe. Your personal details are never shared with anyone else. No Fees – Unlike many other sites, you won’t pay any fees to use Skinport. All transactions are free. SKINPORT
  • 8.Fast Shipping – You can ship your items anywhere in the world. They offer free shipping on all orders over 50. If you meet these requirements, then you should definitely consider using Skinport.
  • 9.9 . Buy & Sell CSGO Skins & Items BitSkins was originally founded in 2015 with the purpose of serving as a middleman for virtual gaming goods and cryptocurrencies, the company's services have continued to grow and they now support a wide variety of accommodations for everyone's needs. BitSkins is one of the most reputable virtual items platforms for CSGO skins and has been amongst leaders in the industry. Bit Skins