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  • 1.A complete guide to writing: Letter of Recommendation (LOR) ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 2.Instructions for use A Letter of Recommendation is a document written by someone who has worked with you in the past, such as a professor, project advisor, or reporting manager. A letter of recommendation is usually written by a third party who can vouch for your skills and character. A well-written LOR from a credible recommender can set your application apart from the pack. It provides a holistic perspective on your character, academic performance, and professional accomplishments. It helps an admissions officer learn more about you and decide if you’d be a good fit for the institution. 02 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 3.What is called a Letter of Recommendation? What does it mean? When you apply to study abroad for a master’s degree, a master’s in business administration, or a doctorate, one of the requirements is a letter of recommendation, or “LOR.” ▫ It is an important part of how the application works and may determine how well the company likes you in the end. Students who want to get into the best possible university should put in lots of effort to receive a quality recommendation from someone who knows the school well. This article thoroughly analyzes the components and format of a winning letter of recommendation. College admissions officers have to sift through many letters of recommendation (LOR) to find the most promising newcomers, and the LOR a student submits is always a factor in their favor. 03 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 4.Who needs a Letter of Recommendation & why? Any student who wants to study abroad must have a professor write a letter of recommendation for them. No matter what course they are taking (UG, MS, MBA, or Ph.D.) or where they are from, each student needs at least three letters of recommendation from their school or an expert foundation. ▫ Instructors, educators, school advocates, and administrators are all acceptable sources for UG LORs. Teachers, managers of entry-level jobs, or the captain or director of an organization where the applicant has worked in the past can write recommendation letters for graduate students. For MBA candidates, it is essential that their letters of recommendation come from people who are experts in their fields, and this is especially true if the recommenders have three years of experience or more. Recent graduates of MBA and Ph.D. programs can approach former professors and thesis advisors for recommendation letters. 04
  • 5.What should you need to clear about while writing a Letter of Recommendation for the UK? A recommendation letter is an essay that talks about the good and bad points of the candidate. It is usually between 400 and 500 words long. Some details must be in a recommendation letter, like how long you’ve known the person and what kind of relationship you have with them. Letters of recommendation for university is usually expected to be typewritten on company letterhead. Both the academic institution’s letterhead and the professional organization’s letterhead are required for a letter of recommendation. In the latter scenario, the letterhead of the company where the recommender currently works is a crucial consideration. Since this is the case, it is incumbent upon the student to know how to select an appropriate recommender. Remember that a LOR is not just a restatement of an SOP. The purpose of a stellar letter of recommendation is to shed light on facets of your character that were not covered in your statement of purpose or resume. So, a great recommender is someone who knows you well, has seen the quality of work you’ve delivered, and is willing to give concrete examples of your contribution and greatness. A generic LOR is not acceptable because it does not add anything to your application for the specific program you are interested in. Keep in mind that the Admissions Office receives hundreds of applications each year, and that yours is just one of them. It’s also crucial that you try to make each and every one of your letters of recommendation (LORs) stand out from the crowd by citing specific, relevant examples. Writing a compelling SOP isn’t the only thing that matters, though. A strong recommendation letter is crucial as well. Just follow the rules and remember the most common mistakes that people make in recommendation letters. ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD 05
  • 6.Importance of LOR for UK students? The majority of applications need two or three recommendation letters, so you should give your recommenders plenty of notice to prepare your letter. A letter of recommendation (LOR) should be treated with the same importance as your affirmation papers, mission statement, resume, or any other record you may have. A letter of recommendation from a professor or other person in charge can back up your credibility and give your application as a whole more weight. If you follow these simple rules when choosing a recommender, you’ll be able to send great letters of recommendation that will wow the Admissions Committee. Gaining admission to your top school is much easier with strong recommendations. Although you may not have stellar grades, consultants believe that well- written applications have the potential to sway the admissions committee’s decision. In addition, the letter of recommendation might serve to back up the information on your resume. Getting letters of recommendation (LOR) from people who can vouch for your work history and projects is a great way to boost your profile. 06 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 7.Format of Letter of Recommendation for UK Students It can be difficult to pick the best company for your needs from among the many online LOR settings and tests available . As was just discussed, different types of recommendation letters are appropriate for different programs and recommenders . Beyond this, it is also important to pay attention to the archive’s general cleanliness and order . AHZ Associates has its own set of standards that help this cycle by encouraging students to keep their archives clean, organized, and well - documented . 07 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 8.Academic Professional Types of Letters of Recommendation Recommendation letters fall into one of two broad categories, depending on the character of the writer 08 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 9.Letter of Recommendation (Academic) A proposal letter was written by a former employer on your behalf. Many universities require letters of recommendation (LORs) from people who can speak to your character and academic skills. These individuals could be high school or college teachers or professors. A letter of recommendation (LOR) from a faculty member will usually focus on how the candidate did in the course and ask the teacher to highlight the candidate’s achievements. These are typically more relevant to overseas master’s and bachelor’s degree programs. 09 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 10.Letter of Recommendation (Professional) Practical experience is typically required by MBA programs at foreign universities. They urgently require a director’s professional letter of recommendation. Since the applicant’s ability to work in a team, willingness to try new things, and leadership skills are all important for success in the MBA program, a professional letter of recommendation from a supervisor is written differently than an academic letter of recommendation. The letter of recommendation (LOR) is a permanent record that gives admissions officers at your dream university a full picture of why you should be accepted. The purpose of this letter is to help the Admissions officers form a more informed opinion of you by providing additional information about your background, skills, and achievements from the perspective of your recommender. 10 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 11.What to do while writing a Letter of Recommendation for UK Universities? Be sure about the appropriate amount of time The letter should be written in straightforward modern English. Avoid mistakes Accurate information Complete the whole letter within 500- 600 words 11 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
  • 12.Final thoughts A letter of recommendation must be respected at all costs . Either it will take you where you need to go, or it won’t . So, you need to get along well with your boss or teacher, but you can only do that if you work hard . If you need assistance, AHZ Associates has highly trained experts ready to assist you . Drop us a line if you have any questions . More advice on how to write a compelling LOR for study abroad is available from us 12 ©2022 AHZ ASSOCIATES LTD
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