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  • 1. Mussie Delelegn, Chief, LLDCs' Section, Division for Africa, Least Developed Countries and Special Programmes, UNCTAD 11-12 June 2018, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Transport and Trade Facilitation for Development: Scaling-up Public Finance and Investments
  • 2.Development-oriented trade facilitation requires: Modern and efficient transport infrastructure Regional and international connectivity (Silk Road Initiative) Technology-driven and rule- based logistics Flexible regulations, rules and procedures Vibrant and capable institutions including private sector Capacity to effectively implement multilateral, regional and bilateral transport and trade agreements such as WTO TFA Reginal cooperation, including in the context of CFTA (for African LLDCs) Cooperation between LLDCs and their transit neighbors
  • 3.Key transport infrastructure: Road and Rail Roads paved (% of total roads) Road density per 100 of land area
  • 4.Rail Density( Rail lines per 100 DCs, Transit, and LLDCs
  • 5.Logistics Performance Index: DCs, Transit and LLDCs
  • 6.Number of documentation for export and import: Reginal performances
  • 7.Lead time to export and import (days)
  • 8. Cost to export an import (US$ per container)
  • 9.Concluding remarks Trade facilitation and export diversification should go hand in hand; Streamlining customs procedures by reducing the number of documentation needed for export and imports is required; Harmonizing domestic and regional customs procedures with international need to be given equal importance, Automate customs procedures and introduce risk management systems Promote greater use of ICTs in customs modernization and clearance systems Modernize and upgrade physical transport infrastructure, enhance the role of the private sector (PPP); Effectively implement regional and international trade facilitation agreements (including WTO TFA); and Continuously negotiate collaborative and mutually beneficial transit-transport agreements with transit neighbors.