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  • 1.QUICK FACIAL YOGA EXERCISE TO LOOK YOUNGER Facial exercises to look younger Yuvaap © 2023
  • 2.INTRODUCTION Beauty is a subjective term, yet it adds charm to your overall persona. So if you are looking for a youthful appearance, then yoga is your best bet. It has become a new symbol of health and well-being. Regular practice of yoga not only keeps you physically and mentally fit but also gives you a youthful appearance. So let’s take a look at some effective facial exercises to look younger. Yuvaap © 2023
  • 3.POINT TO CONSIDER Wash your hands and face before practicing facial yoga. Do not touch your face unnecessarily. Use a serum to avoid unnecessarily pulling your facial skin. Be gentle on your skin. Be extra cautious around your eye area.
  • 4.Best Facial Exercises for Young-Looking Skin Facial yoga helps increase blood circulation to your face. It also helps in the thickening of facial muscles and gives you that plump and supple skin. However, if you want to reap its benefits, you have to be consistent with your facial exercises. Yuvaap © 2023
  • 5.Make a fist and massage your lower back in a circular motion Repeat it ten times in a clockwise direction and ten times in an anticlockwise direction. Now repeat the same process below your collarbone. Make sure to be gentle while performing this circular massage. 01 Warm-up Yuvaap © 2023
  • 6. 02 Lymphatic Drainage If you want youthful-looking skin, then you need to remove the toxins from your body, and lymphatic drainage will help in achieving that. This is a dry massage, so you don’t have to wear any cream or serum. Your movements should be gentle. Put your fingertips on your neck and glide them upwards toward your chin Now from the middle of your face, glide it toward your ears Repeat it 10–20 times. You can also use a jade roller for this Yuvaap © 2023
  • 7. 03 Kiss And Smile It is a simple but effective exercise for sculpting your face and firming up your jaws. Make a pout by pushing your lips forward Now try to smile broadly Release the pout and relax Repeat it 15 times Yuvaap © 2023
  • 8.The puffing cheeks exercise will help you avoid wrinkles around your lips' corners. Fill up your cheeks with air Now distend your breath from one cheek to another Release it and repeat it several times 04 Puffing Cheeks Yuvaap © 2023
  • 9. 05 Lifting Eyebrows Our forehead is the most vulnerable part of our face that is prone to wrinkles. Lifting your brows helps to reduce wrinkles by firming the muscles around your eyes. Put your index finger an inch above your eyebrows. Lift your eyebrows upwards Press downward with your fingers to create tension Repeat it 10 times Yuvaap © 2023
  • 10.This facial exercise is highly beneficial for releasing toxins, fading wrinkles, and toning your face. Make a V with your fingers. Inhale through the nostrils Lift your arms and look at the ceiling at a 45-degree angle Make a pout toward the ceiling and exhale Bring your hands back Repeat it 10 times 06 The V Yuvaap © 2023
  • 11. 07 The Bird Face This is a wonderful exercise for your face and neck. It strengthens your nose muscles, removes fat from the neck, and minimizes puffiness around the eyes. Place your index and middle fingers on the sides of your nostrils. Inhale through your nose and tilt your head back Turn your gaze toward the ceiling Close your nostrils with your fingers Return to your starting position as you exhale Repeat this facial exercise seven times Yuvaap © 2023
  • 12. 08 Forehead Smoother This exercise will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and frown lines on your forehead and between your brows. All you have to do is make a fist. Place your knuckles in the center of your forehead. Slide your fist to the side while applying moderate pressure to your forehead. Repeat this exercise 5–6 times. Yuvaap © 2023
  • 13.CONCLUSION Most people rely on expensive treatments to acquire youthful skin, but they have tonnes of side effects associated with these procedures. Facial yoga will help you achieve the same results if you practice it consistently. So try these facial exercises to achieve a youthful appearance. Yuvaap © 2023
  • 14.THANKS! SOURCE: Face Exercise For Looking Younger Do you have any questions? Send queries to contact@yuvaap.com Your Health and Wellness Partner yuvaap.com Yuvaap © 2023