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  • 1.KOLEJ MATRIKULASI SELANGOR Session 2021/2022 Title : Sexual Harassment Course : English DE013 Class : D1T4 Alexus Ramen anak Chiresly MS2123180095 Gee Fedelia Samban Anak Jimbun MS2123180043 Nurul Athirah Binti Mohd Tamizi MS2123180537 Norizatul Izzlynn Binti Mohd Izzuddin MS2123180622 Nor Aliyah Binti Mohd Haslizam MS2123180082 Submitted by : Submitted to : Noor Ashikhin binti Musa
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  • 3.Topic : Sexual Harassment SUPPORT rape jokes Sexual bully Sexual nature video catcalled SUPPORT : Family member sneaking into rooms Touching sexually Inappropriate pictures SUPPORTING : Stares and comments Private information Sex offering, blocking path Groping sensitive parts ii HOME SCHOOL PUBLIC SPACES ii MAIN AND SUPPORTING IDEAS MAPPING
  • 4.. INTRODUCTION 1 In era the world that enough with modernization, the case included sexual harassment can occur any time at every place involving all ages. Especially towards teenagers. The teenagers who are factions that easily accept peer influenced because they easy to trust other people. This is the reason their cultural change dignified. In fact, sexual harassment happens regardless of gender. Men and women can be sexually harassment in our community. The harasser doesn't have to be a direct supervisor. So, you can be a victim, even if you're not the person who was harassed. It can be the serious issue in humiliating, intimidating, painful and frightening that causes our community living in an uneasy environment .Furthermore, all of this thing happens that causes many factor teenagers do that such as less attention from their parents or people around, be introvert person, no social life and others. It will causes the teenagers like to do negative things as shown in the statement before this.
  • 5. It is hard to believe that home can be the place where teenagers get harassed sexually. Yes, home where teenagers should have their own peace, place where they should be safe but sadly some teenagers have to face this matter. The worst part is they get harassed by their own bloodline in their home. This happened a lot especially in this pandemic as everyone have to stay at home. Can you imagine being one of the victims and have to stay at home, could be a nightmare to us. (S. INDRAMALAR, 2019) “One in 10 children in Malaysia – about 750,000 – are sexually abused, according to community studies. In 95% of the cases, their sexual abusers are people known to them. Mostly, the abusers are their fathers or stepfathers”. Besides, teenagers who get sexual abuse by their own family is a grossly under-reported crime because they might not believe the victims. They also do not want to exaggerate the situation as it happened in the family and can be settled privately. These culprits usually try to disturb the victims when they are together and stay alone at home. It always started with sweet words to attract them so they can get along together and then, they started to touch and grab the victims sexually. They also taking inappropriate pictures of the victims as a threat. I do agree that sexual harassment occurs in different places even in sweetest place we call as home. SEXUAL HARASSMENT OCCURS TOWARDS TEENAGERS AT HOME. 2
  • 6. SEXUAL HARRASMENT TOWARDS TEENAGERS OCCURS AT SCHOOL Rape jokes , a joke which condense the school environment full of knowledge into a highly uncomfortable place. I would never respect teachers and classmates who enjoys these jokes as it made the class feels unsafe and gross. (UCA News reporter, 2021)-“In 311 recorded incidents, four out of five perpetrators of sexual harassment and bullying were teachers.”-Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam. I enrolled into a boarding school where juniors and seniors are living together. Day by day, speculating of rumors seniors sexually harassed juniors by touching and groping juniors. Juniors are often peeked intentionally by the seniors. Multiple reports were made but no action was taken. I am disappointed as the safety of the place we spending our teenage days turns into a sexual predatory nest. Daily walks to class, peers are sexually abused mentally nor physically and catcalled for their sexuality or physical appearance for using appropriate school uniform and attire.(BBC News, 2018)-”More than one in three girls received unwanted sexual attention such as being groped, stared at, catcalled and wolf-whistled while wearing school uniform”. It is often unwanted texts and videos of sexual nature or nudity of my peers are quickly spread around schoolmates without their consents. School authorities did nothing to catch the culprit instead forcing victims to change schools. In my opinion, this shows that schools welcomes the generation of sex predators. 3
  • 7.SEXUAL HARRASMENT TOWARDS TEENAGERS OCCURS AT PUBLIC SPACES. In addition, sexual harassment towards teenagers also occurs in public spaces where many strangers are present. As we all know, teenagers enjoy going out in public, either alone or with a group of friends, especially on the streets. (Oppenheim, 2021) “Two thirds of girls have altered behavior to avoid sexual harassment in public spaces". Mostly, in this age, teenagers have been disturbed by stares and comments about their bodies and how they dress. Some of them were also being followed and asked about their names and private information for a sex offer by the perpetrators. In this case, they decided to avoid the usual route and any physical activities due to being anxious about being harassed. Next, being harassed in the park is more dangerous because this place is quieter. Teenagers who wanted to go home after a walk in the park have been stalked and blocked by the perpetrators. Moreover, the victims were also shown pornographic videos without their consent. Other than that, teenagers nowadays often use public transport because it is cheaper. This will give an advantage to the perpetrators, especially during rush hour time at the bus station or on the trains, by groping the private parts of the victims without their permission. In that crowded situation, they also take an up-skirt photo of the victims secretly and try to threaten them to follow their instructions, or they might spread it on social media. With this, it is proven that public places are so dangerous for teenagers that they can be sexually harassed. 4
  • 8. In conclusion, sexual harassment towards teenagers can be occur anywhere especially at public places and also can be occur at places that are expected to be safe for teenagers which is school and home. Public places are places where teenagers are often sexually harassed because there are many unpredictable people who likes to take advantages of others. With this being said, teenagers should be more careful especially towards strangers. Next, school and home that is supposed to be a safe place for teenagers are also places of sexual harassment occur. The school administration with the cooperation of parents should prevent this serious matter immediately by holding talks about sexual education to all of the students so they become aware about sexual harassment and be more sensitive about this matter. Last but not least, sexual harassment is an issue that is not emphasized by society nowadays and will lead to many bad effects especially towards victim such as depression and anxiety so all parties should work together to prevent sexual harassment towards teenagers from getting worse and everyone should always respect other gender to create a safe and prosperous community. CONCLUSION 5
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  • 10.5 Facts About Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment is often misunderstood, but here’s what you need to know: 1. A sexual harasser can be a man or a woman. 2. The harasser can be a supervisor, a co-worker or even a non-employee. 3. You don’t have to be the subject of the harassment to be the victim of sexual harassment. 4. The victim doesn’t have to be economically injured or fired for sexual harassment to have occurred. The harasser’s conduct must be unwelcome. 1. Sexual Harassment Occurs Regardless of Gender Men and women can be sexual harassers – and both genders can be victims, too. The harassment can take place in opposite-sex and same-sex relationships. It doesn’t matter who’s committing it; in all cases, it’s illegal to sexually harass someone in the workplace. 2. The Harasser Doesn’t Have to Be a Direct Supervisor In order for sexual harassment to occur, it doesn’t have to happen between a direct supervisor and an employee. There are certain types of sexual harassment that can only occur between supervisors and employees, such as quid pro quo (which means “this for that”) sexual harassment – but it can occur between two employees, a supervisor and employee who work in different areas, non-employees and employees or when an employee harasses his or her supervisor. 3. You Can Be a Victim, Even if You’re Not the Person Who Was Harassed Even if you were not the victim of direct harassment, you can be harmed or affected by the offensive conduct. Sexual harassment rarely affects only the two people involved; it often involves friends of both the harasser and the victim, as well as other co-workers who aren’t in direct contact with the situation. The law is written so that anyone may be a victim of sexual harassment. 4. Economic Injury or Being Fired Aren’t Necessary for Sexual Harassment to Have Occurred The victim does not need to be passed over for promotion, lose out on benefits, or be fired in order for sexual harassment to have occurred. In fact, you can be a sexual harassment victim without experiencing any of these things. The key is that sexual harassment is illegal in the workplace, regardless of the consequences. 5. The Harasser’s Conduct Must Be Unwelcome If the someone’s conduct is welcome, then he or she is not harassing a victim. In order to qualify as sexual harassment, the conduct has to be unwelcome. APPENDIX A 7
  • 11.Sexual harassment, bullying rife in Malaysian schools Numerous teenage girls face various forms of sexual harassment at Malaysian schools, including such humiliating practices as checks on their periods by teachers, according to testimonies posted online. Teachers at many primary and secondary schools force students to reveal whether they were on their period during religious holidays in the predominantly Muslim nation, according to personal accounts by female students. Menstruating women are considered “unclean” in mainstream Islamic tradition and barred from engaging in communal worship. In other instances, male teachers told lewd jokes to female students or communicated with them in a sexually suggestive manner. The revelations of widespread sexual harassment at Malaysia’s schools have followed an account by a teenage girl last month. Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam, 17, released a video on the social media app TikTok detailing comments of a sexual nature made by a teacher at her school in April. The unidentified male teacher joked about rape to female students in a class, according to the student. In a subsequent survey of recent testimonials posted online by teenage girls, the Malaysian women’s rights organization All Women’s Action Society (Awam) has found that hundreds of female students have experienced bullying and harassment of a sexual nature in school, including primary and secondary schools. In 311 recorded incidents, four out of five perpetrators of sexual harassment and bullying were teachers, followed by wardens and senior students, according to Awam. “While not all teachers and wardens are perpetrators, the number that are perpetrators will cause long-term negative effects to the school system and the children’s future,” Awan warned in a letter to the government. When it came to teachers’ checks of female students’ menstrual status, violations included forcing them to strip down and show their sanitary pads to seniors and other figures of authority. Many school students also reported having been groped. The women’s rights group has recommended a broad range of actions for implementation in schools with the aim of ensuring a climate in which female students remain safe from any form of sexual harassment and bullying. "The existing teachers’ code of conduct in teachers' training colleges should also be improvised to include issues of sexual harassment, abuse and bullying, and it needs to be enforced nationally,” Awam said in a statement. APPENDIX B 8
  • 12.One in 10 Malaysian children are sexually abused, usually by those they trust One in 10 children in Malaysia – about 750,000 – are sexually abused, according to community studies. In 95% of the cases, their sexual abusers are people known to them. Mostly, the abusers are their fathers or stepfathers. “In Malaysia, the primary abuser is the father. The second primary abuser is the father and the third primary abuser is also the father,” says Datuk Dr Amar Singh, a consultant pediatrician who has worked with sexually abused children for over three decades. Citing three local community studies (Amar, 1996; Kamaruddin, 2000; and Choo, 2011) on the incidence of child sexual abuse in Malaysia, Dr Amar says that sexual abuse affects from 8% to 26% of children. The accepted average is 10%. Globally, it is estimated that only about 10% of cases are reported. Child sexual abuse is a grossly under-reported crime; in fact, the most under-reported of crimes. A child is sexually abused when he or she is forced or tricked into sexual acts. Sexual abuse isn’t just using a body part or object to rape or penetrate a child but also includes touching any part of a child’s body inappropriately, whether they are clothed or not, making a child undress or touch someone else, lying on top of a child and rubbing against him or her, kissing or making a child perform oral sex or performing oral sex on a child. “Mostly, children are sexually abused, some are raped. Sexual abuse is almost always by someone whom the child knows and trusts, and it is repetitive and can happen 100 or 500 or 1,000 times over months or years. Rape, though horrific too, often happens once and is perpetrated by a stranger. Sexual abuse is far worse because, often, it happens in the child’s own home by people they love and who say love them. I have worked with someone who was sexually abused for 15 years before she had the courage to run away, ” says Dr Amar. Children experience abuse and violence mostly because of the failure of adults, primarily their parents or guardians, to protect them. APPENDIX C 9