Creating a Job Announcement - Denver, Colorado

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  • 1.Job Announcements
  • 2.Purpose Cast a Wide Net to Attract a Large, Diverse, Robust Pool of Qualified Talent Alert and Attract Prospective Candidates Creatively Promote the University as an Employer Describe the Job Identify MINIMUM Education and Experience Required Characterize Possible Attributes of the Ideal Candidate Provide Application Instructions and Expectations
  • 3.Problems to Avoid Misleading Candidates Outdated Information Excluding Applicants who can minimally perform the functions of the job Unconscious Bias Discrimination Exclusivity Over-valuing specific education and experience
  • 4.Approval Volley Job announcements consistent with the stated purposes and compliant with the guidelines described here will be posted as submitted or with minor edits. If a more iterative process is necessary to accomplish the above, every effort will be made to proceed quickly.
  • 5.Heading Working Title Job Location
  • 6.Who Are We? Paragraph about the consolidated campuses or specific campus served. Begins with “The University of Colorado (campus) is seeking a (working title)…” Use or accurately modify template on HR website. More detail is okay but keep it simple. Attract a broad diverse pool – people want to work here!
  • 7.The Job One Paragraph Summary Informed by job description but not complete document Place in Organization Level Purpose/Nature of Work Key Responsibilities
  • 8.Minimum Qualifications ONLY education and experience without which the employee could not perform the basic duties of the job, given reasonable orientation/training. The minimum qualification for all entry-level professional university staff positions is a bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to the professional field in which they work. A combination of education and related technical/paraprofessional experience may be substituted for the bachelor’s degree on a year for year basis. Full operating professionals require 2 years professional experience. Don’t count years after full-operating.
  • 9.Higher-Level Education Advanced Degrees Not Required Substitutions: The ideal candidate for this position will have earned an advanced degree in (discipline(s)) or a closely related field. Candidates with a bachelor’s degree and long-term (advanced)-level (type) experience will also be considered.
  • 10.Higher-Level Experience Focus on the type of experience required for success. Example: The position requires extensive, diverse and progressively responsible experience at the management level, including direct responsibility for budget and staff.
  • 11.Preferred Qualifications Minimal Defensible Non-Exclusive Needs Driven Alternatives considered Can Consider More Later
  • 12.Application Details Salary and Benefits Background Checks How to Apply Required Materials Timeline Contact Info Diversity Statement
  • 13.Next Steps Use KSAP analysis to drive assessment factors, selection methods and questions.
  • 14.Questions