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  • 1.Skype Spanish Lessons Mexico | Do you want to learn Spanish in Mexico City? We offer Skype Spanish lessons for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Our lessons are customized to your needs and goals. We also offer discounts for group lessons. Learn more at Skype Spanish Lessons Mexico
  • 2.About Us Individual Online Spanish Classes Via Skype Online Spanish classes are a fantastic option. Face-to-face classes might offer some interesting possibilities. You can meet your teacher in person. You can take individual classes at our location or any other location in Mexico City. Or you might want to try going on one of our popular City Trips. However online Spanish classes also have many benefits. Combine Face-to-face And Skype Classes If you are in Mexico City but you cannot come to your face-to-face classes as often as you would like to, we offer you the possibility to take private classes in person in combination with skype-based classes. That way you can take advantage of the benefits of both modalities.
  • 3.Contact Us:- Learn Spanish in Mexico City Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo 103, Chimalistac, Álvaro Obregón Ciudad de México CDMX 01070 Mexico +525519320739 Thank you