Mexican-American musician's daughter Jacqie Campos Bio


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  • 2.On November 20, 1989, Jacqie Rivera, also known as Jacqie Campos, was born into the world. She grew up in Long Beach, California. Jacquelin Melina Marin Rivera is her full name. Jenni Rivera and Trino Marin, the late Jenni Rivera, and Trino Marin were her parents. Her late mother, Jenni Rivera, was a Mexican-American musician, entertainer, representative, style designer, television producer, and business genius. In 2012, she was killed in a plane crash. Campos, her senior sister, Chiquis, and her auntie, Rosie, were brutally abused by her father, Trino Marin, while they were children. Her father was sentenced to almost 30 years in prison after investigating the mistreatment. Chiquis Rivera, her older sibling, and Michael Marin, her younger sibling, are from similar guardians. Following the artist’s mother’s divorce from her father, she married twice. She has two half-siblings from the second marriage of her mother: Jenicka Lopez, her younger relative, and Johnny Lopez, her younger stepbrother. The California-born student attended a local secondary school in Long Beach, California. There is no information on whether she pursued higher education. Her adolescence had been a complete disaster for her. She was physically mistreated when she was pretty minor. She, too, became addicted to narcotics for a long time. She got pregnant at the age of 15.  MEXICAN-AMERICAN MUSICIAN'S DAUGHTER JACQIE CAMPOS BIO  
  • 4.Jacqie Campos Husband Since around 2012, Jacqie Campos has been married to Mike (Michael) Campos. On November 10, the two exchanged commitments. There were a few media rumours concerning Jacquie and Mike’s split. Even though they had been isolated for a long time, they were able to adapt. Mike, Jacquie’s better half, is active on Instagram. Career Jacqie Campos is a performer and a visual artist. She has worked in a professional capacity since roughly 2011 and is currently doing so. I Love Jenni (2011), Chiquis ‘n Control (2012), and The Riveras are among Campos’s films (2016). In any case, she is best known for being the daughter of Jenni Rivera, possibly Mexico’s most successful singer. With her single, I Still Believe, released in 2015, the 31-year-old made her debut as an artist. Good day, Los Angeles in 2013, The Real in 2017, and The Riveras from 2016 to 2019 are her most important exhibitions.  MEXICAN-AMERICAN MUSICIAN'S DAUGHTER JACQIE CAMPOS BIO  
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