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  • 1.Morning Meditation to Feel Positive Top Five Morning Meditation to Feel Positive Yuvaap © 2022
  • 2.Introduction Each morning gives us chance of a fresh start, practicing meditation in the morning is a great way to begin your day in a gentle tone, and to set the right intention for a productive day. Whether you wake up at 5 am or 10 am, incorporating a short morning meditation of five minutes can become a very strong anchor for the days when you feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Yuvaap © 2022
  • 3.The reason why you should practice Meditation in the Morning Meditation enhances your ability to concentrate, your attention to the work. Also, it teaches you mindfulness. 01 For a productive day Meditation helps in lowering cortisol which is a stress hormone. 02 Reduce stress and anxiety Even a short practice of 10 minutes of meditation can give your mood a boost of joy, positivity, and inner peace. 03 Enhance your mood Yuvaap © 2022
  • 4.Tips to start Meditation for Beginners Wake up earlier than usual Wear comfortable clothes Find a quiet place to sit Sit in a comfortable position Find a meditation app that suits you Go for a guided meditation session Don’t exert pressure to your mind Trust the process Yuvaap © 2022
  • 5.A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Yuvaap © 2022
  • 6.Here are the top Five Meditation to Feel Positive Yuvaap © 2022
  • 7.Guided Meditation In guided meditation, you will listen to a calm and soothing voice that will lead you through meditation. All you have to do is focus on that voice and soon you will reach that state of inner peace and happiness without any negative thoughts. It is a great way to start your meditation practice. 01 Yuvaap © 2022
  • 8.Breath Meditation One of the most basic meditation techniques for a beginner is breath meditation. All you have to do is sit quietly and focus on your breath. An easy technique is to inhale through your nose for three seconds, then pause for fours and slowly exhale for five seconds. Repeat this process for at least 10 breaths. Soon you will find yourself concentrated only on your breath. This is like recharging your batteries. 02 Yuvaap © 2022
  • 9.Mantra Meditation In mantra meditation, you have to repeat a phrase or word over and over again in your mind which is positive for you. You can create a mantra that can resonate with you. Such as I am happy or I am loved. You can even choose I am confident. Repeating these mantras over and over again not only calms your mind but also fills your subconscious mind with positivity. 03 Yuvaap © 2022
  • 10.Candle Meditation Sometimes simply focusing on breath and mantra can be hard if you have a fickle mind. In this case, all you have to do is light up a candle and focus on its flame. Just focus on its flame-like laser beam and you won’t find yourself with any struggling thoughts. 04 Yuvaap © 2022
  • 11.Grounding Meditation Grounding means centering your soul and connecting it with mother earth. You can do it withstanding barefoot on grass and affirm that you are connecting with mother earth. But you can also sit on the floor in the morning with your back straight and eyes closed, take five deep breaths. Center your attention on those parts of the body that are connected to the floor beneath you. Try to stay present and complete your breath cycle. This practice will help you to feel secure and centered. 05 Yuvaap © 2022
  • 12.CONCLUSION A beautiful and mindful morning makes your day more productive and worthwhile, and starting your morning with meditation is something you should try for a blissful experience. It not only gives you calm and peace, but also the enthusiasm and energy that lasts throughout the day. Start meditation , and witness the radical changes it brings to your lives. Yuvaap © 2022
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