Clearing the dandelions - The Cridge Centre for the Family

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  • 1.Clearing the dandelions Ellie’s story
  • 2.Life before the accident Recently married 18 years old 8 months pregnant
  • 3.The Accident My first full memory after the accident My husband’s visits were the highlight of my day The heartbreaking news of losing our baby The next months were like a movies
  • 4.The Early days
  • 5.From hospital to connect I had outgrown he hospital – it was time to move Connect – a home to more than 40 brain injury survivors
  • 6.An Unexpected Friend My new friend, Jerry The petition I overheard his conversation with his father
  • 7.Becoming an Advocate The accident changed my life The change I advocated for will save others
  • 8.Fear to fortitude
  • 9.Connect to home
  • 10.Our accomplishments