My new life under the pandemic


Presentation Transcript

  • 1.My New Life Under the pandemic
  • 2.“ Ring, ring…” It’s time for me to wake up from my lovely bed. 1
  • 3.However, I don’t want to wake up so dawdled in my bed. Gracie 2
  • 4.After this, my mum came into my room and yelled at me: “Eh, Gracie it’s time to wake up otherwiseyou would be late for your school ! Wake up now, quick quick ! 3
  • 5.To avoid my mum for yelling me again, I quickly rushed into the bathroom to brush my teeth and took a bath. 4
  • 6.When I was walking down the staircase, I saw my mum was busy preparing breakfast for us. 5
  • 7.“Beep, beep “, oh my school bus had arrived ! 6
  • 8. I quickly carried my bag and boarded the bus to school. 7
  • 9.On the way to the school , I was looking out from the window . I was shocked, when I saw so many people outside didn’t wore their masks and didn’t keep social distancing . “ 8
  • 10.Why these people didn’t follow the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?” I sighed. 9
  • 11.When arrived school, I saw many teachers stood at the gate to take our temperatures and sanitize our hands .We queued up a line to walk into our classes respectively. 3 A 10
  • 12. “Ring ..”, it was my first class . My English teacher Mdm Kueh came in the class, she reminded us always follow sop in school to protect ourselves from the corona virus. 11
  • 13.It was recess time, everyone took up their food and had a break. 12
  • 14.Suddenly, I saw my classmate –Ken put down his mask and talked to his friends when eating. I advised but he didn’t listen to me. I felt very angry and disappointed about him. 13
  • 15.Besides that, when I was walking out from school, I saw he was talking with his friends without social distancing . 14
  • 16.Next day , I felt weird of the Ken’s absence . Meanwhile , I heard the announcement from teacher that Ken was detected positive from his PCR result. Therefore , teacher informed us to do the test today . I felt nervous I heard this bad news. 15
  • 17. I quickly informed my parents to bring me to the hospital to do the test . 16
  • 18.When the medical personnel took my secretion from my nasal cavity and saliva from my mouth to test. The process was so painful that my tears dropped without control. 17
  • 19.At 5 o’clock , I received the result from WhatsApp ,I opened the file with fear ,fortunately I was not detected and I relieved. I received the news that Ken’s close friends all detected positive. All of my classmates prayed that they will recover soon. 18
  • 20. ~ The End ~
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