Strategic Planning Committee Update, September 2019, Mark ‘Buster’ Douglas (Langley

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  • 1.Strategic Planning Committee Update September 2019
  • 2.Mark ‘Buster’ Douglas (Langley, VA) -- Chairman Stephen Gourley (Mile High 127, CO) Paul Hendricks (Seidel, TX) Caroline Jok (Prescott-Goldwater, AZ) Peter Jones (Yeager, WV) Jamie Navarro (Green Mountain, VT) Heather Penney (Staff Liaison) Committee Members
  • 3.SPC Approach Operating Year 2018-2019: Mission analysis only Examine current plan and determine where changes are needed Back brief EXCOM, BoD and Convention Delegates on mission analysis Incorporate feedback into planning Operating Year 2019-2020: Develop new Strategic Plan Methodology: Review the mission Examine the internal and external environment (SWOT) Define major strategic thrusts (first cut at the “how”) Review the Vision statement
  • 4.Determined we needed a new mission statement: Current mission statement is not known by most members; confusion with “Advocate, educate, support” Too long and too wide ranging Need to focus on Who we are and What we do, not How we do it Current mission statement: Our mission is to promote a dominant United States Air Force, a strong national defense, to honor and support Airmen, and to remember and respect our Air Force Heritage. Proposed mission statement: Advance aerospace power and a pre-eminent US Air Force for now and into the future. Mission Statement
  • 5.Excellent advocacy and influence among national security leadership (Mitchell) Recognition programs like “Twelve Outstanding Airmen” connects with target audience Outreach programs (mag, MI, DB, etc) have influence over a large, key audience Growing recognition of main symposia as professional development opportunities, connecting AF leadership to Airmen and industry National level programs (CP, SX, Wounded Airmen) We have excellent chapter innovations that can be adopted by other chapters Strengths
  • 6.Lack of depth in volunteer leadership positions at all levels Our membership does not understand how to access much of the AFA’s overall capabilities (and they aren’t using existing training materials to learn) Lack of organizational integration (big data and comm) Low member participation at Chapter level No clear value proposition for being a member (especially when targeting different demographic groups) Poor structure for promulgating professional development opportunities to the Field Ageing membership is a symptom of lower relevance to younger generations Weaknesses
  • 7.Enhance strategic alliances to reach other choir audiences (AFSA, AFCEA, etc.) Expanded professional development programs allow us to reach a broader, professional/military audience AFA is producing on-line and video products that allow us to reach a larger public audience (Mitchell programs, on-line mag, daily news emails etc.) Develop a resource tool-kit to help chapters build capabilities Untapped membership pool across the Air Force Family Opportunities
  • 8.Threats Defense budget reductions impact industry support for AFA Competition for resources (time, talent and money) both internal and external to AFA Potential members view of AFA as a “retired officer association” A possible deterioration of the relationship with the Air Force (both leadership and JAG) at both the national and chapter levels Public ambivalence / lack of understanding of USAF, foreign policy and the military in general
  • 9.Major statements of how we will accomplish our mission: Educate: Inform the public and government leaders on the value and importance of aerospace power Provide first-rate opportunities for professional development for the Total Force Advocate: Advocate for sound policies and capabilities impacting and benefiting the Air Force, as well as past, present, and future Airmen and their families Support: Enables a strong technical base through STEM Education Supports our Airmen and their families past, present, and future Strategic Thrusts
  • 10.Our analysis revealed the need an updated vision: Current vision statement is not known by most members Too long and too wide ranging Need to focus on What we do not How we do it Current vision statement: The Air Force Association will be the premier professional military and aerospace education association in the nation, dedicated to United States dominance in air, space and cyberspace, a strong national defense, and support for the men and women of the United States Air Force. Proposed vision statement: AFA as the primary wingman for the US Air Force, in which all Air Force Family members are Airmen for Life. Vision Statement
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