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  • 1.Helicopter Special Operations Aviation & Training
  • 2.Black Wolf provide bespoke specialist helicopter training and services within Guatemala and South America. All instructors are internationally qualified and operationally experienced former military aircrews hand picked to suit your operational needs. The Black Wolf training courses are designed to provide students with the most current practices and information for the preparation, risk analysis and specific technical skills for personnel performing Aviation Specialist Operations and course syllabi meet the requirements for training crew members (other than flight crew) under relevant FAA, EASA/JAR and CASA Regulations: including FAA Part 135 and CASA Civil Aviation Order 29:11, Appendix III
  • 3.SAR MedicGuatemala
  • 4.AIM The aim of this epic, 12 Day experience is for you to learn white water rescue, advanced wilderness medical training and also experience helicopter rescue techniques. The white water phase phase will also include a 2 day Remote Area Clinic that will will organise and deliver yourselves. This combination of training and real world experience will stand you aside from your counterparts and give you a firm base from which you can develop further. The course takes place in Guatemala where you will be taught by the best internationally qualified instructors in the country. You will abseil into the jungle canopy , white water raft the Rio Cahabon river, before returning by helicopter to conduct an overnight search on an active volcano. Highlights: Helicopter safety and survival training 2 days delivering a remote area clinic Helicopter rappelling (250 metres) into jungle canopy Advanced wilderness medical training inc wound closure, prolonged patient management Venomous bites medical training, including live snake handling White Water Rescue certification Rafting the Rio Cahabon with Class III, IV and V rapids Camping on the lava fields of an active volcano
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  • 6.THE COURSE This combined didactic and practical based course introduces you to the heirarchy of rescue and is intended to give you the foundations and skills necessary to become a safe rescuer in a mulittude of environments. During this modulated course you will recieve the following: Aircrew Survival Training A comprehensive safety package to allow you to safely work around and in different airframe types and allow you to integrate effectively into a member of the crew. CRM, Patient Loading (including ´Hot Loads´) and emergency drills with a patient onboard will also be covered. You will also undertake a 24 hour land based survival scenario and pool based underwater egress drills. Medical Training Recieve the latest updates in wilderness medical care including practical based wound closure techniques, prolonged field care patient management and organistaion of remote area clinics. Anti-venom Training Delivered by the countries top herpotologists, this course will focus on venomous snake identification, bite management, the various types and use of anti-venom. You also have the opportunity to handle live snakes and spiders(venomous / non-venomous) Remote Area Clinic A remote area clinic will be delivered over a 2 day period during the white water rafting phase. This will be to an underpriviliged community that has little or no access to modern medical care. Helicopter Abseiling / Short Haul Reserved usually for specialist military or police teams, you will be taught the techniques necessary to safely rappel from a helicopter into the jungle canopy, also covered is the use of short haul insertion and extraction techniques.
  • 7. White Water Rescue This internationally recognised certificate (International Rafting Federation SRT/WRT) teaches a variety of techniques to enable the holder to perform rescues in a whitewater environment. This will be taught in the challenging rapid sections of the Rio Cahabon and Lanquin river systems The Rio Cahabon The Rio Cahabon is a world class river used for the world championship body boarding competition. With Class III, IV and V rapids, your 2 day rafting will take you through jungles and canyons where you will witness remote communities living along the river. Descended by very few due to the distances and logistics involved. Pacaya Volcano Guatemala has 37 officially named volcano´s. Pacaya is one of three that are still active. After conducting a real time search scenario that you will plan, prepare and execute as a team, you will camp overnight with views of the highly active Agua volcano whilst learning additional wilderness medicine topics specific to altitude, and the opportunity to relax cooking marshmellows on one of the lava fields many hotspots, or watching the night eruptions of volcan Agua. Cost: $6500 USD per person Minimum of 4 persons per course. Includes all safety equipment (new ropes are purchased prior to each course), insurance during helicopter operations
  • 8.FITNESS This course can be achievable by anyone with a healthy lifestyle and a good level of general fitness. Team members should be willing to be part of a team working together to achieve the goal of the Rescue Team. At a basic level, you will need a strong head for heights, be a confident and strong swimmer, being able to swim at least 200m, be comfortable in rough and turbulent water and be able to contribute to paddling upto 8 hours a day. Teammates who arrive without meeting the agreed minimum fitness standards can jeopardise the safety of themselves, the team and the resuce teams goal. Minimum Fitness requirements Abseil experience: Whilst previous experience is an advantage, Helicopter Abseiling is a specialist technique and differs from standard abseil practice. No prior experience is necessary as applicants will be taught all of the skills necessary during the expedition training phase by qualified Helicopter Rescue Instructors. Paddle: Make a positive contribution to paddling a raft with your team mates Activity: Paddling upto 8 hours a day Swim: Be able to swim non-stop for 200m and be comfortable in whitewater Climate: Temperatures average between 24´C (city) to 36´C with high humidity (Lanquin) to 14´C (Pacaya). Age: 21+ Course minimum: 4 Previous Medical Experience This experience is open to all certified Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and AEMT´s
  • 9.PRACTICALITIES Accomodation When not on the Rio Cahabon or Pacaya volcano you will stay in comfortable hotels or guesthouse lodges. Prior to departing for the river phase extra luggage not needed can be left secure here. Food In urban areas you´ll eat in either the hotel or local restaurants. While on the river, fresh food will be prepared and the team will help in cooking the meals, which will provide enough energy for rafting. There will be opportunities for you to purchase your own snacks during the expedition. Transport All airport collections, local vehicles and helicopter flights will be provided. Kit List A full kit list will be supplied to all applicants. Tents, Safety equipment, medical, communications equipment and GPS tracking will be supplied. Teammates should consider their kit in good time in case of buying, hiring or shipping is required. Each team member will be required to take a water proof bag fro their personal items that will accompany them on the river phase. Due to the distances involved, altitude and extensive use of helicopters, applicants kit will be divided prior to departure from the city into ´wet phase´and ´dry phase´.
  • 10.INCLUDED Full expedition services with full medical and communications kit In country support including instructors, guides and safety numbers New abseil ropes purchased for every expedition Complete area coverage during expedition by private rescue helicopter International standard Advanced Cardiac Life Support ground ambulance cover whilst in city All food and accomodation as outlined in the itinerary All transport as outlined in the itinerary NOT INCLUDED International flights Non Guatemalan airport transfer fees Local airport taxes and international visas Tips to local guides Bevarages and any costs of a personal nature Peronal equipment Travel Insurance (obligatory) Innoculations / Immunisations or personal medications
  • 11.Exped FAQ On application to join this epic Adventure Academy expedition to Guatemala, potential teammates will receive a detailed Expedition Handbook. Expedition-specific FAQ are below or get in touch if your question remains unanswered. I’m a vegetarian. Can I join? Teammates with dietary requirements are welcome to apply for this expedition and should state their specific requirements when applying. The food situation is outlined in the Practicalities tab Can I arrive a day late? As the plan outlines, there is a chain of transport to get teammates to the location where the training will commence, so start and end dates are not flexible. Can I charge my electricals? Once the team start the rafting there will be no access to mains power. Please ensure that you are self-sufficient in terms of charging your appliances by bringing things like spare batteries, lightweight solar panels or power packs to avoid frustration. Will there be telephone signal? There will be mobile signal in Australia and the villages at the start and end of the rafting. Plan on having no signal throughout the river phase. I’ve never rafted, am I suitable? As part of the training package you will be taught all the skills necessary to paddle a raft through demanding rapids. As long as you fulfill the fitness requirements and have an adventurous spirit and willing to work as a team, then you will have no problems. Many whitewater centers can do introductory courses if you want to get a feel for what whitewater rafting is about. Can I have a one-person tent? We will provide the tents for this expedition. Due to the limited space on the rafts and helicopter, team members are required to share a tent.
  • 12.´Set up for success´
  • 13.´I heard the helicopter, and thought ´yes, they are looking for me´- it gave me hope. Its incredible how they did it, I don´t know how they did it…but without them I would´ve died. KL - German tourist lost for 6 days in canyon despite extensive ground search. ´With such a high level of standards, planning and expertise shown by the Helicopter Crew, it taught me very quickly that not just anyone can do this type of work´. Anon – Families Legal representative. ´When your life is turned upside down and you find you need help outside what was offered because you're loved one (son) is missing, Its comforting and reassuring to some degree to know that you have a caring and considerate helicopter search team with the best and most experience and expertise doing their upmost in the search and rescue effects of your son. Even though our son's body was not recovered, we are at peace knowing where he is located and resting peacefully. To this my son's family thank the helicopter rescue team for all their efforts in searching and locating his body. Without them we would of be lost on where and how to start´. TE - Australia
  • 14.The following training courses are available: Ground Safety training Aviation Survival Shallow Water Egrees training STASS/ HEEDS Basic/Advanced Medical Training SAR Planning & Management Rappelling/Fast-Rope SPIES/FRIES Caving ladder operations Tactical Team Training SERE Training Aerial weapons platforms Mountain/Cliff rescue Flood/Swiftwater Rescue
  • 15.Black Wolf Helicopter Special Operations,Guatemala City, Guatemalainfo@blackwolfhelicopters.comwww.blackwolfhelicopters.com