Anders Celsius, By: Joshua Duvall, The Early Life, Born on November 27

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  • 1.Anders Celsius By: Joshua Duvall
  • 2.The Early Life Born on November 27, 1701 in Ovanåker, Sweden Died on April 25, 1744 in Uppsala, Sweden His grandfather Magnus Celsius the mathematician and Anders Spole the astronomer were both professors at Uppsala University. His father, Nils Celsius, was also professor in astronomy. Influences
  • 3.Education Through The Years Celsius first started showing an aptitude for mathematics at the age of seven, therefore, his parents enrolled him into a math school. He aced every course and decided to got to college for Astronomy because of his and his grandfather’s love for the subject. Celsius went to Uppsala University and studied astronomy. While in the university he showed excellent performance and when he was 29 he became a professor there.
  • 4.Major Accomplishments Invention of the Centigrade temperature system. Accurate analysis of the Aurora Borealis using magnetic compasses. Mapping of the Earth’s Torneå meridian to prove Newton’s theory that the Earth was an ellipsoid flattened at the poles.
  • 5.What Do Those Things Mean To You? Absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. Absolutely nothing. The Centigrade scale is the world-wide accepted measurement for temperate in science. It is also used by millions of people everyday around the world in almost every country except the US, Liberia, and Burma (or Myanmar). Green = Countries using metric system (Celsius scale) Black = Countries Using British Imperial System (Fahrenheit scale)
  • 6.The Celsius Temperature Scale °F = Fahrenheit (British Imperial System) °R = Réaumur °C* = Celsius’s Original System °C = Revised Celsius Scale Celsius originally used 0 °C to equal boiling and 100 °C to represent freezing, but after he died, his lab assistant, Olof Hiorter, decided it would be better reversed and made 0 °C equal to the freezing point of water and 100 °C equal to the boiling point of water.
  • 7.In Closing I believe that Anders Celsius is probably not in the top most important people in scientific history, but he has defiantly allowed the scientific community a simpler method of communication and measurement of scientific data. Allowing a scientist in London to understand the measurements of a scientist is say Botswana.