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  • 1.Online Collaboration Tool - Charlii
  • 2.We Designed Features Specifically for Authors. Our app Charlii is designed with writers in mind, and it helps in project management for writers. The goal is to help you get started, maintain motivation, and reach the finish line. The app includes basic features in the free package such as writing a base, creating an outline, using the calendar, and setting reminders. Our Create service is for those who need help managing their book, which includes a planning tool, an interactive chart, helpful tips, and a two-week free trial for ‘collaborate’. Another service ‘Collaborate’ is an online collaboration tool built for authors looking to connect with beta readers, proofreaders, and editors.
  • 3.Project Time Management Tool for Writers
  • 4.Brainstorming Brainstorming is a superb technique for planning your novel. It can reduce stress and anxiety by allowing creative ideas to flow freely.
  • 5.Create Outlines An outline provides a valuable resource to help turn your creative ideas into a finished novel. Use this tool to create a structure to take your work from idea to finished product.
  • 6.Create Timelines Organize all the details and events of your story in one convenient location. Integrate plot points in chronological order and ensure character development and progression.
  • 7.Visually Explore Your Story Ensure chronological order, analyze themes, review plot points, and so much more with this useful and amazing tool.
  • 8.Contact Us Website: Brainstorming Tools for Writing Time Management System – Charlii What is an Outline Creator, and What Purpose Does it Serve?