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  • 1.I.I.I. Group 3 & 4
  • 2.Brief Description of Pick n’ Eat Store It is open to everyone especially those who wants to visit the school. Fritos and Tridy`s store merged Experience picnicking with a Filipino style menus. Will offer for dine in, dine out, and free deliveries at any areas within the NELAC campus. The location would be beside the first 2 umbrella tree on the soccer field, where the previous location of Tridy’s store is. Black canvas will be used I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
  • 3.Innovativeness The store will provide banig The pizza rolls three flavors - Ham and Cheese, Vegetarian and Chocó mallow Social Impact Likes eating heavy meals and having a hard time in finding affordable snacks
  • 4.Green Marketing Observing cleanliness on the campus. Minimize the usage of plastics and trashcans will also be provided for the customers. Profitability NELA College has increased its population plus the expected examinees for NELA College academic scholarship and other visitors The target market also increases
  • 5.Business Venture Logo Black ops one Blue Accent 4 “OK” hand sign Yellow - orange Our Tag line
  • 6.BACKGROUND AND BUSINESS CONCEPT Spend an amount of 20– 50 pesos for their snacks Concept of picnicking style “Just Pick and Eat at Pick ‘n Eat”.
  • 7.DESCRIPTION OF THE BUSINESS Like a fast-food restaurant Located beside the umbrella trees at the soccer field, the previous location of Tridy’s Snack House last year. Our Objective to provide satisfying meals at affordable prices to give new experience to treasure to serve the customers and help them to have convenience Our Vision To be the most profitable yet remarkable business venture that has the highest market share and customer satisfaction during the foundation day. Our Mission To provide the customers with new experience while eating foods at affordable prices with exceptional services in an ethical way to ensure a high customer satisfaction.
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  • 9.Porter’s 5 Forces Model of Competition LOW HIGH
  • 10.Target Market Served for both men, and women, at any age. Has a budget for snacks ranges from 20-50 pesos. 1,294 students of NELA College, 85 faculty and staffs plus 70 estimated examiners, parents and visitors, a total of 1,449 people. Product and Pricing Scheme cost-based based pricing II. MARKETING PLAN
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  • 12.Place/ Distribution Channel It will use Direct Marketing Channel Will give free deliveries Promotional Technique Posters Menu cards Point of Purchase Personal Selling Trade Promotion
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  • 14.Projected Sales To get the projected income of the business the following formula are made: Direct Materials + Indirect Materials + Other Expenses = Cost Cost / Unit = Unit Cost Unit Cost + Mark-up = Price Price X Unit = Sales Sales – Cost = Profit Profit – Wage = Income III. SALES PLAN
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  • 21. Form of Business Ownership General partnership Contribute P 290.00 each for the capital, Charge P 10.00 for being late for 15 minutes Will apply “no work, no pay”. All staffs with number 1 will be working every morning while the other number will be working every afternoon. IV. BUSINESS REQUIREMENTS
  • 22.Staffing and Cost
  • 23. Equipment Requirements The lists of equipment’s needed to run the daily operation of the business are assigned to the different entrepreneurs. Space Requirement The store will be about 5m X 7m. 1. Processing Area Cooking Area Storage Area Preparation Area Waste Area   2. Entrepreneurs Area 3. Counter   4. Customer Area
  • 24.Floor Plan
  • 25.Uniform