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  • 1.Jib Crane Floor Mounted | Loadmate.in Loadmate.in Jib Crane Floor Mounted is designed to make your lifting needs easy and safe. We offers high-quality products and reliable service to ensure your satisfaction. Get the perfect lifting solution now! Jib Crane Floor Mounted
  • 2.About Us Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes are necessary when no other appropriate support near a workstation is available. Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes, also commonly referred to as Column mounted Jib Cranes, assists the staff and multiply human efforts, handling loads up to 10 Ton precisely and effortlessly. These Jib Cranes are useful, especially for loading or unloading workpiece on machine tools. These are also useful for loading and unloading from trucks. These Cranes can also become an integral part of a standalone workstation and machine assemble area. LOADMATE Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes install almost anywhere, including outside. These foundation-mounted, freestanding jibs offer higher capacities, longer spans, and more significant rotation than our wall-mounted jib cranes: Pillar Mounted JibCranes
  • 3.Contact Us:- Thank you RMS Industries N1 to N6, Sayan Industrial Park, Near RJD Textile Park, Pal - Hazira Road, Icchapore , Surat, Gujarat, 394510, India 96871 14356 sales@loadmate.in