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  • 1.Tracking System (Android) Tracking System
  • 2.Tracking System Purpose of the android application is for Individual safety. Which is the application main function to track the user’s location via mobile. This application brings functionality to provide alert from the user side while travelling in suspicious zone and feel unsafe . On that time they inform to their friends/family through this application. 2
  • 3.Home Screen 3
  • 4.Initial Setup 4 Configure mobile nos. for receiving SOS alerts. when user installs the application in his mobile. User has to configure the number (s) in application , Through which mobile numbers will Configure for the safety alert purpose of user. And if user enters the suspicious zone then the alert message come upon configured numbers. Configure the interval in “Seconds” one wants to be tracked after and after. Once the number will configure in the application then next level, application will ask for time interval. That is pre request from the user needs to enter so that within a given time interval user will get SMS alert.
  • 5.Functioning 5 There are two Function for tracking the user which are as follows. SOS – Tapping it generates SOS alerts to configured nos. with the location information and the stand time of location. Every details will save in server as records.
  • 6.Functioning 6 Start My Tracking – Tapping it starts the tracking in following way and the transaction is stored in application DB.
  • 7.Functioning-Start My Tracking 7
  • 8. Functioning-Start My Tracking 8 Application displays 3 options to the user after each given seconds as configured in the settings. These options are following. “I am Ok” – Tapping it sends location information to application DB and message is suspended for next given seconds. “Raise SOS” - Tapping it generates SOS alerts to configured nos. with the location information and the stand time of location. “Dismiss” – Dismisses the tracking and transaction is stored in application database. Just in case of no response from user on above 3 options, application itself generates SOS alerts after 1 minute.
  • 9.Installation and usage steps 9 Installation and usage steps – Install attached apk file in the android phone. Start GPRS. Open it and tap on “Settings”. Enter PassCode and confirm that after re-entering that. Enter mobile nos. for receiving SOS alerts. Multiple nos. can be entered separated by commas. Enter tracking interval in “Seconds”. Save it and  you are done. Try using “SOS” and “Start My Tracking” features.
  • 10.Location Details 10
  • 11.Thank you 11