Why musk didn’t provide exact details on Toyota Fremont


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  • 1.Why musk didn’t provide exact details on Toyota Fremont
  • 2.The Tesla Fremont, California, the facility is one of the most modern automobile factories in the world, with 5.3 million square feet of production and office space on 370 acres of land. Following the approval of Tesla’s expansion plans by the City of Fremont in 2016, the business  roughly increased the size of the plant to over 10 million square feet, creating thousands of additional employment in the following years. The Tesla Fremont facility now employs over 22,000 people. Tesla bought the factory in 2010 and refurbished it considerably before the first Model S came off the assembly line in June 2012. Tesla built skylights to offer natural light to workers and coated the flooring with white epoxy to create a clean working atmosphere to revitalize what was formerly a gloomy, confined facility. There is also an employee training centre, a cafeteria and food trucks, a gym, a 24-hour in-house medical centre, and outdoor terraces. Looking inside the Tesla Fremont
  • 3.Why musk didn’t provide exact details on Toyota Fremont
  • 4.According to American asset management firm Ark Invest, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has the potential to make history by becoming the world’s first trillionaire. According to Ark Invest Management, Tesla’s stock will be worth $3,000 by 2025, up from its present value of $655. Depending on the number of shares outstanding, the corporation would be worth about $3 trillion at that price, also due to the outnumbered effort made by the Tesla Fremont. ARK predicted last year that Tesla’s share price would reach $7,000 per share in 2024. According to their most recent analysis, the asset management firm believes it might reach $3,000 by 2025. According to Nextbigfuture, Musk owns 24.1 million shares of Tesla and will get eight additional CEO salary incentives totalling 1.2 million shares. Musk will have around 25.3 crore shares worth $1.012 trillion by 2025 after adding those 1.2 lakh shares. Nextbigfuture covers a wide range of disruptive technologies and themes, including space, robots, AI, medicine, and so on. Elon Musk to be the first trillionaire?
  • 5.Why musk didn’t provide exact details on Toyota Fremont
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