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  • 1.Sinch India
  • 2.Advantages Of Seeking Bulk SMS Marketing Solutions
  • 3.The world has changed quite a bit in the recent years. People are becoming all the more selective and conscious about procuring any service or products with time. Hence, it is important for you to try and find the ideal way to market your products and services. The right marketing strategy shall help you to ensure sustainable growth for your business. One of the best marketing methods available today is to seek out SMS Solution for Business. Bulk text SMS service provided today can especially be advantageous in educating your customers about the products, offers and services that you are providing. As text messages usually are instantly read as soon as they are delivered, this can be quite a proactive marketing solution.
  • 4.There can be many advantages of seeking out the assistance of a good Bulk SMS gateway provider, such as: Instant Impact: Unlike emails that might not be picked up for days, or direct mail that can take days to be delivered, an SMS takes less than 7 seconds to reach the intended recipient. Provided that you have the right number, you can be assured that your message shall be delivered at an ultra-fast speed. High open rate: Open rate of SMS messages has been reported to be as high as 99% as opposed to just 20% for emails. Of course, not every person reading your text will respond or seek out your solutions. But it stands to reason that there is a greater chance of someone responding to your marketing campaign if they had seen the messages send by you than if they have not. People typically open each and every message they receive, while many choose to delete an email without opening it.
  • 5.Customizable Campaigns: Bulk SMS marketing allows you to target your whole database of contacts, a certain sub-group, or even an individual. Personalizing your marketing campaign is important to its success. For instance, the text you send to your existing customers will be different from the ones send to the prospects. SMS API makes it fast and easy to set up templates and customize an SMS each time you send one out. Most customers are much more likely to respond to a message that appeals particularly to them than any kind of generic or irrelevant message. Details of SMS API Providers that provide bulk SMS marketing services can be found on the web.
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