Connect Canon Printer to Wifi


Presentation Transcript

  • 1.Connect Canon Printer to Wifi Contact +1-888-652-8714
  • 2.Connect Canon Printer to Wifi Connecting your Canon printer to a wifi network is easy. Mentioned below are the steps you have to do to connect the two. Step 1: Press the On/Off button to turn on your Canon printer device. Step 2: Press the Settings button and then press the arrow keys. After reaching the device settings, select Ok.
  • 3.Step 3: Press the arrow keys. This will display the LAN settings on your screen. After that, select OK. Step 4: Again, press the arrow keys and then the wireless LAN settings will open before you and then select Ok. Connect Canon Printer to Wifi
  • 4.The printer device then begins searching the wireless network. Meanwhile, the light will continue to flash. Step 5: If the search process lasts for a long time, press Stop. This will start the wireless LAN setup and standard setup. Then press OK. Step 6: Press the arrow button until you find the wireless network, then click OK. .
  • 5.Step 7: Then enter your wireless network passphrase and select OK. Step 8: When the screen says Connected, click OK again This is how you can Connect Canon Printer to Wifi