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  • 1.ProtonMail Customer Service +1(800)775-5582 ProtonMail Customer Service is popular among many people. If you are searching for a premium email service, you can opt for the service of ProtonMail. There are a lot of benefits of using this email client. At the same time, there are some downsides. These downsides are nothing but technical errors or issues with this email service. You may come across many technical errors with this email service. When those errors are faced, it becomes important to diagnose the errors, and then resolve them with perfection.
  • 2.ProtonMail Support Helpline +1(800)775-5582 If your account is hacked, the hacker may change your password. As a result, you would not get access to your account. With ProtonMail email, you can face these errors. You need to follow the steps for password recovery to get the access to your account. ProtonMail email users may find password related error. Why such error happens? The commonest reason is that people tend to forget their passwords. When you Forget ProtonMail Password, you cannot access to the account. Apart from that, it is not uncommon today to encounter hacking problems.
  • 3.ProtonMail Customer Service +1(800)775-5582 The first step to recover the access to the account is to change the password. For Changing your ProtonMail Email Password, you need to follow the steps as discussed below.Go to the login page of ProtonMail email account. Instead of login, you need to click on the “forget my password” option.You shall come to a page where you will be asked to enter your email account or address. Make sure that you enter email address correctly.The third step is to enter the CAPTCHA code that you find on your screen.Now, you shall get the options for password recovery. There are two options. You can recover email account by answering the security questions. You can access to your email account by choosing verification via your cell phone.Once verified, you shall get the option to add new password. Make sure that you choose strong password for your account.
  • 4.ProtonMail Customer Support +1(800)775-5582 When password recovery fails, it becomes difficult to recover the ProtonMail email account. You can always open a new account with ProtonMail.At first, you shall find an online form on your screen. You need to fill up the form with correct information.When it is done, you need to move to the next step of choosing the username and password. Username has to be unique. Password should be strong. A strong password should have numerical, capital and small alphabets, and special characters.Now, click on “create new account” to complete the process.Once new account is created, you can login to the account with your username and password. After login, you can make customization of the email inbox.
  • 5.ProtonMail Technical Support +1(800)775-5582 For your ProtonMail Customer Support, you can activate the two-tier login system. In such login system, you shall have to enter password, and then an OTP that will be received on your phone. For protecting the email account, it is good to change the password frequently. At least once in 3-4 months, you should change your password. If you do not change the password, your account becomes vulnerable to hacking or phishing.
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