TOM February 2018 Maintenance Placards

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  • 1.The National FAA Safety Team Presents Topic of the MonthFebruary Maintenance Placards < >
  • 2.Welcome Exits Restrooms Emergency Evacuation Breaks Sponsor Acknowledgment Set phones & pagers to silent or off Other information 2
  • 3.Overview GAJSC* Safety Enhancements Out of service Placards Basic Maintenance Awareness for Pilots *General Aviation Joint Steering Committee 3
  • 4.Keeping pilots in the loop 4 14 CFR 91.3 – PIC Responsibility and authority (a) is ….. the final authority ….. 14 CFR 91.103 PIC Preflight action …. shall …. become familiar with all available information ….
  • 5.Return to service Out of service while undergoing maintenance. Documentation not required. Must be returned to service after maintenance. 5
  • 6.Enhanced preflight after maintenance Confirm maintenance documentation Aircraft & engine logbooks Also check for required inspections Annual, 100 hour, pitot/static, avionics, etc. Inspect all areas Use a checklist Pay particular attention to areas that have been worked on. Ensure that the aircraft has been serviced properly Appropriate Fuel & Oil 6
  • 7.Important! 7 What’s wrong with these pictures?
  • 8.Run up, taxi back, do another preflight This MAY be your chance to catch something that wasn’t quite right, quite tight, or quite ready for flight. Ask yourself what items might cause an accident if they’re not quite right? Trust your mechanic, but this is your chance to VERIFY that the aircraft is safe & airworthy! 8
  • 9.Questions?
  • 10.Proficiency and Peace of Mind 10 Fly regularly with your CFI Perfect Practice Document in WINGS
  • 11.Thank you for attending You are vital members of our GA safety community 11
  • 12.The National FAA Safety Team Presents Topic of the MonthFebruary Maintenance Placards < >