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  • 2.Toothache is a pain in and around a tooth. Minor toothache can come from a temporary gum irritation. Toothache can be caused by anything from a gum irritation to a broken tooth or a bacterial infection. The pulp inside your tooth is soft material filled with nerves, tissue and blood vessels. The pulp inside nerves are the most sensitive nerves. It is characterised by severe pain, headache, difficulty in eating and drinking.
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  • 6.Salt water gargle will help to relieve toothache because it is a natural disinfectant. Using a clove gives temporary relief. Avoid fast food, or late night eating habits. Chilled water may temporarily relieve your pain. Brushing your teeth twice a day. Management of toothache
  • 7.Pulstilla – pulstilla is the best medicine for toothache. Toothache is relieved by holding cold water in your mouth. The person has a completely dry mouth and has no desire to drink water. There is also yellow or white coating over the tongue. Merc sol – merc sol is best indicated for decaying of teeth. Teeth feel tender and elongated. There is a fetid odor from the mouth, and I can even smell it all over the room. The tongue is heavy, thick, moist and there is a yellow coating on the tongue. Patient also complains of sweetish metallic taste. Kreosotum- kreosotum is best indicated in cases of painful dentition when it is accompanied with or the reason behind it is cavities. There is decaying of teeth along with bleeding from the gums. Plantago- plantago is a best remedy for toothache. Pain plays between teeth and ears. Toothache is better while eating. Profuse of saliva. Swelling of cheeks. Homeopathy Medicine
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