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  • 1.Comodo Customer Support +1-(800)-886-0140 Antivirus is something which is a must for every user if they have regular work on the computer. There are many chances that the system could get affected and this could lead to a huge loss for users. Internet is full of surprises so let’s not get surprised by detecting a virus in our computer. If we look out on the web, there isa number of antivirus or security software but not all software is genuine. We would like to suggest users get started with Comodo antivirus. It is one the best security software where those experts have also suggested for securing the system. Users can experience the service for free, there is a free version of Comodo antivirus. Users can simply head to the official website and download the setup file. If users are not much about how to download the necessary files for Comodo Support Service is always at the user’s help.
  • 2.Comodo Customer Service +1-(800)-886-0140 To talk about the various plus point which Comodo has to be with the impressive score for detecting hands-on malware tests. There is a competition for security software for passing the malware test with flying colours, and Comodo is one software that has scored the best result. If there are any sort of unknown programs detected on your computer then the combo will take care of it by isolating it. As we have mentioned, it has an excellent feature for detecting malware on your system. Users can also take advantage of the virtual desktop and also securely use their browser. These are some of the features which are included in the Comodo antivirus. If users are interested in learning the features offered by Comodo antivirus then connect with Comodo Technical Support to learn more about Comodo features.
  • 3.Comodo Customer Care +1-(800)-886-0140 While using antivirus software, we should be aware that there is a regular update included with Comodo Antivirus. The update will include new features added to the antivirus, if there were any sort of error the update will clear the error. All the changes with Comodo antivirus will be done with the update. By default, the update is set to automatic, but sometimes the update needs to be done by the user manually. There was a situation some time ago where the Comodo update was not working. If other users have also faced the same situations then kindly follow the steps given below.If the internet is not working correctly on the user’s device then the update will be interrupted, hence it will not work.If users have installed Comodo from an unknown source, such software will not support updates.In some cases due to an old browser that is not updated or if the browser is not supported, the update will not work.Make sure to check the date and time on your device.If the problem remains the same then report the situation to Comodo Customer Service.
  • 4.Comodo Customer Helpline +1-(800)-886-0140 If we are searching for genuine antivirus software which will detect the viruses and malware in your computer then Comodo is the security software with which users should be working. We all know that there are many options for selecting antivirus on the web. Not all antivirus will be as efficient as Comodo. There are several reasons why Condo is best than another antivirus. It is also the reason that Comodo has more users compared to other security software. Users can also have a test drive for checking the quality of Comodo antivirus. The antivirus is available for free and interested users can also purchase the subscription and secure their device more accurately. All information for Comodo will be provided on the website, but if users require some technical help, then Support Service is always free to use for users.We can find many free antivirus software on the web, but in those free versions the feature is not much accurate and the security is not correctly functioning. Comodo also provides the free version, but when we use Comodo to maintain their quality the security is much efficient compared to another free antivirus. Due to the use of this strategy, users can’t wait to get started with the premium version. It will be made sure for users, when in the free version the security is genuine then the premium version will surely be much effective. Users can get several bonus features with Comodo antivirus, if users are interested in learning more, kindly connect with Comodo Technical Support.
  • 5.Comodo Technical Support +1-(800)-886-0140 One of the most asked questions by users are about the Comodo DNS. What is Comodo DNS and what it is used for? Well, the feature here is a domain name resolution service. The following feature will allow users to resolve their DNS requests using the worldwide web in which the servers are connected. The feature will allow the user to operate the DNS service more efficiently. Now talking about some issues, users were not able to use the Comodo DNS service recently. Due to which many of the users have complained about the situation, we have gone through the issues earlier but the problem here could be caused due to various reasons. We have provided possible solutions to solve your Comodo DNS, not working issues. Follow the points given below.The best way to solve the issue is by enabling Comodo Secure DNS. To make changes Change the Router DNS.Users will have to login into their router.Then after getting into the router login page, head to DNS server settings.The next user will have to search for the Comodo DNS secure server.Then simply add the required addresses on the secure server.Make sure to set the DNS server settings and after completing it, save changes.In case users are not able to solve the problem then connect with Comodo Customer Service.
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