Network of Analog’s Timegraph in Different Industries


Presentation Transcript

  • 1.Network of Analog’s Timegraph in Different Industries Analog’s timegraph network comprises unique qualities that make it not only highly versatile, but robustly equipped when it comes to solving a multitude of problems facing numerous industries. Whether it’s identifying weak spots in business management or rethinking how key processes are implemented, there is an abundance of ways this network can reshape practices for the better. For a clearer understanding of Analog’s potential, take a look at these use cases featuring several major industries.
  • 2.Education Education provides the knowledge necessary to succeed in life, using up decades to do so. Within these years a mountain of beneficial timestamped data pertaining to the students’ academic experience is generated, but it is often underutilized, ignored or simply inaccessible.
  • 3.Healthcare Healthcare is a fundamental human good because it affects our opportunity to pursue life goals, reduces our pain and suffering, helps prevent premature loss of life, and provides information needed to plan for our lives. Society has an obligation to make access to an adequate level of care available to all its members, regardless of ability to pay.
  • 4.Finance Financial management is often a tricky terrain to navigate, where hazards small and large are commonplace. Whether it’s about making payments on time, calculating risk factors or even singling out transactions steeped in fraud, timestamped data is a valuable resource.
  • 5.Construction Itself a complicated process that is bound by design and engineering constraints, construction bears upkeep concerns long after opening day. Building maintenance requirements are sometimes insufficiently met, and efficient tracking of timestamped records can help to prevent disasters.
  • 6.Retail Retailers all over the world are faced with an ever-increasing degree of complexity and competition. A deep understanding of supply chains, business drivers and customer behavior is a prerequisite to retailer differentiation. Existing analytical tools and databases are fragmented and incomplete, impeding the efficiency of building world-class retail solutions.
  • 7.Technology & Innovation Technology & innovation is an industry that relies almost entirely on research and development, where trailblazers strive for the next breakthrough. There’s no space for detriments that could hinder progress here, such as the ones that can be tackled using timestamped data.
  • 8.Environment The unfortunate side effects of man’s activities over the last several decades can be clearly seen in the declining health of the natural world. Although measures have been introduced to stop and fix the damage, inadequate enforcement and accountability are issues.
  • 9.Supply Chain Intricate networks that span the globe, supply chains are susceptible to a number of problems such as theft, cost overruns and legal issues at any given link in the chain. Without a way to monitor, identify and prevent such concerns, they could jeopardize more than just a single shipment.
  • 10.Government Employing tactics such as biased media reporting to suit political ambitions or elude accountability, governments can sometimes hide reality from the public. With a way to record events as they occur in a format that can’t be disputed, this can be avoided.
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