Madagascar, By: Jacob Williams, Flag, Seal, Motto, "Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana" (Malagasy) "Amour

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  • 1.Madagascar By: Jacob Williams
  • 2.
  • 3.Flag Seal
  • 4.Motto "Fitiavana, Tanindrazana, Fandrosoana" (Malagasy) "Amour, patrie, progrès"  "Moto" is Swahili for "hot"
  • 5.Important info Madagascar gained independence on June 26, 1960 and it was from France. It is an Island country located in the Indian Ocean, and it is also referred to as Malagasy Republic. Capital: Antananarivo President: Hery Rajaonarimampianina Government: Caretaker government Currency: Malagasy ariary Population: 22.29 million (2012) World Bank Official languages: French Language, Malagasy language
  • 6.Geography Madagascar - Largest Cities 1 Antananarivo  1,391,433 2 Toamasina  206,373 3 Antsirabe  186,253 4 Fianarantsoa 167,227 5 Mahajanga  154,657 6 Toliara 115,319 7 Antsiranana 82,937 8 Antanifotsy  70,626 9 Ambovombe 66,818 10 Ambilobe  56,000
  • 7.Geographical features Mountains 1 Maromokotro  12,876 m 2 Andranofito 51,752 m 3 Vohimanga  61,038 m
  • 8.Historical events 1500s - Portuguese, French, Dutch, and English attempt to establish trading settlements which fail due to hostile conditions and fierce local Malagasy 1700s - The French attempt to establish military positions on the east coast but by the early 19th century the only settlement they could claim was the island of Ste. Marie 1828-1861 - Radama I is succeeded by his widow Ranavalona I, who terrorizes the country for 33 years by persecuting Christians, evicting foreigners, executing political rivals, and reviving the custom of killing babies born un unlucky days. 1863 - Radama II is assassinated 1991 - After an economic collapse, Malagasy take to the streets and demand a new government
  • 9.Historical events 1993 - Ratsiraka is ousted and replaced with Albert Zafy who wins democratic elections and forms the Thrid Republic. Zafy later runs into trouble by continually breaching the constitution and is impeached by the National Assembly 2001 - Marc Ravalomanana, mayor of Tana, is elected president with 52% of the vote. Ratsiraka refuses to accept the result and a political snafu ensues. 2006 - Marc Ravalomanana was re-elected for a second term. 2009 - President Marc Ravalomanana was ousted in March 2009 during an uprising led by Andry Rajoelina, then-mayor of Antananarivo.
  • 10.Historical people Albert Rakoto Ratsimamanga, the Scientific Pioneer 1st scientist Gisèle Rabesahala, the Patriot leader that struggled for independence Jean-Luc Raharimanana is a Malagasy writer. Erick Manana is a singer and a songwriter described once as the “Bob Dylan of Madagascar”. Jacques Rabemananjara was a Malagasy politician, playwright and poet. 
  • 11.Things happening today The mentally disabled children are able to be independent with little help Peace Corps have been Helping Silk Weavers in Madagascar Expand their Businesses Six new species of a mysterious blood-sucking ant have been identified in Madagascar — and they're an especially odd bunch. The so-called Dracula ants, described today (March 31) in the journal ZooKeys, seem to defy many of the normal rules that ...
  • 12.Things that make Madagascar unique you can go Hiking in Isalo its superb. In the late afternoon people may suggest visiting the natural rock window to watch the sunset. In June, humpback whales come from the waters of the South Pole to the Ste Marie Channel, not far off the coast. The channel is protected by the East coast of Madagascar and by Sainte-Marie, ideal for whales who come to breed and calve You can take a Visit to Lemur Island There are four species to see at Lemur Island, including the bamboo lemur, the black & white ruffed lemur, brown lemur and one diademed sifaka.
  • 13.Bamboo lemur Black & white ruffed lemur Brown lemur Diademed-sifaka
  • 14.Government The government of Madagascar is a Republic
  • 15.Famous people Philippe Eidel: composer, music director, actor Azaly Ben Marofo: politician Charles Rabemananjara: former prime minister
  • 16.Current events Deforestation in Madagascar is largely the result of three activities: Tavy or slash-and-burn agriculture: Tavy is the lifeblood of Malagasy culture and the Malagasy economy. Tavy is mostly used for converting tropical rainforests in Madagascar into rice fields. Logging for timber is especially a problem in the rainforests of eastern Madagascar, particularly on the Masoala peninsula.