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  • 1.Sophos Antivirus Customer +1-(800)-886-0140 Care Number Getting to know about Sophos Home, the name is surely huge to be kept for a business and enterprise antivirus. The security software is designed with various layers of protection, where users can find end-point protection which also comes in with security suite products. The software is designed in such a way where the navigation and making changes in the antivirus are executed smoothly. Users will not have to look around the software to scan their devices. More Info: https://www.antivirusescare.com/blog/sophos-home-could-not-be-installed/
  • 2.Sophos Antivirus Customer +1-(800)-886-0140 Support Number The antivirus comes in for commercial use as well as a single user. For a single user, there is a free version where the user can simply download the setup file and install the antivirus. The antivirus has been able to successfully score with flying colours in various malware tests. So, the user will not have to worry about a thing on their computer device. If users are new to Sophos Home and don’t have much knowledge of antivirus, contact Sophos Customer Care to learn in detail.
  • 3.Sophos Antivirus Customer +1-(800)-886-0140 Service Number Heading to other features offered by Sophos home, the software also works for detecting phishing fraud. Phishing is something which we should be very careful about where there is much a user can do but with the help of Sophos home, user can protect their device from phishing attacks. The software is best designed for users who are working on various web contents, inserting different hard drives, and for online transactions. The antivirus is available for both Windows and Mac so users would not have to worry if the antivirus is available for users operating systems or not. Users can learn more about Sophos Home for Windows and Mac from  Sophos Customer Support Service.
  • 4.Sophos Antivirus Customer +1-(800)-886-0140 Helpline Number As we have mentioned earlier, for single users Sophos Home can be used for free, and after learning about the free version, many users learned about the single user’s antivirus and downloaded the setup file. Users tried to install the antivirus but many of the users had an issue with installation. Users were not able to install Sophos Home due to some reason. In the following content, we will be providing users with easy steps for installing Sophos Home on your computer.
  • 5.Sophos Antivirus Customer +1-(800)-886-0140 Tollfree Number To download the setup file, users will have to access the Sophos Home page and initiate the download.The setup file will be termed SophosInstall.exe, locate the setup file and run the installer.Click on Yes, when asked for the app to make changes on the user’s device.It will take a while to complete the initial content to be downloaded.After the process, a new dialogue box will have appeared, click on Let’s Start.Accept the terms and conditions and complete the setup process.Once the setup is complete the system will ask users to reboot the device. After restarting users can use Sophos Home. If there are any questions for Sophos Home, always remember to contact us at Sophos Technical Support.
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