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  • 1.What is ICAO Why Should You Care? Mitchell Fox Chief Flight Operations, ICAO
  • 2.2 What is ICAO? Where do we come from? 1944 — the Chicago Convention 11 September, President Roosevelt invites the world to work on a a new convention for international aviation ICAO preceded the United Nations
  • 3.3 What is ICAO? What are our strategic objectives? Safety Security Infrastructure and Environment
  • 4.4 What is ICAO? Insure the safe and orderly growth of international civil aviation throughout the world Encourage the arts of aircraft design and operations for peaceful purposes Promote safety of flight in international air navigation Promote generally the development of all aspects of international civil aeronautics
  • 5.5 What is ICAO? How do we work? SMALL Secretariat all over the world LARGE voluntary workforce States International Organizations
  • 6.6 What is ICAO? The voluntary workforce — experts from: States International Organizations IAOPA IFALPA IFATCA IATA IBAC ACI CANSO ICCAIA
  • 7.7 Standards “Each contracting State undertakes to collaborate in securing the highest practicable degree of uniformity in regulations, standards, procedures, and organization in relationship to aircraft, personnel, airways and auxiliary services…” …ICAO Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures form the basis for all States
  • 8.8 Meetings Panels & Committees International organizations Proposal for Action ANC AN Study Group ANC Panel Secretariat Divisional Meeting Technical Proposal Direct Submission ANC Preliminary Review Contracting States International Organizations Secretariat Validation Secretariat Analysis ANC Final Review Contracting States Assembly Council Secretariat ANC
  • 9.9 …and so why should you care?
  • 10.10 The International Civil Aviation Legal Framework Under the Convention…pilot’s shall be licensed and aircraft shall be issued a certificate of airworthiness When you fly in any other country you must follow their rules and procedures…except… The exportables…Annexes 1 and 8 In effect this makes the minimum Standards of Annexes 1 and 8 mandatory for international operations
  • 11.11 GA Challenges and Opportunities Future air navigation systems (“Block Upgrades”) Language proficiency requirements Equipage Annex 6, Part II Aeroplanes < 750 kg. “Public use airports”