Automated Messages That Can Be Send Through WhatsApp Business


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  • 2.Whatsapp official account Adding Whatsapp official account to their communication strategy can be a smart move for any business. WhatsApp is the most extensively used messaging application in the world today. Hence, with its help, brands can boost their market reach and exposure to a good extent. This platform comes equipped with a number of messaging automations and tools that can help in boosting and streamlining the communication strategy of any business. Some of the prime automation provided in the WhatsApp Business app is
  • 3.WhatsApp Away message WhatsApp Away message: The platform automatically responds to the customers if they write to your brand in a period you have marked as unavailable. This may include lunch breaks or after office hours. You can always get back to the customers when it is feasible for you.
  • 4.Whatsapp business marketing In addition to the features underlined above, the security elements of Whatsapp business marketing are also among its biggest highlights. WhatsApp is famous its end-to-end encryption. Today Whatsapp for business communication is also extensively used to support the customer service functions of many companies.
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