Agrochemical Environmental Fate Studies by BOC Sciences


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  • 1.Biodegradability is an important environmental parameter for assessing organic matter, describing its decomposition and mineralization by microorganisms in the environment. Agrochemical biodegradability testing addresses the deterioration of the environmental physical properties of agrochemical products and materials under specific environmental conditions. Testing of biodegradable products should be conducted according to a range of international standards, and the selection of the most appropriate test method to demonstrate the biodegradability of finished agricultural compounds is critical for material suppliers and manufacturers. BOC Sciences has decades of experience in conducting comprehensive agrochemical biodegradation research. Our studies assess the propensity of agricultural compounds to readily or inherently biodegrade based on standard ready biodegradability guidelines or higher-tiered inherent biodegradability guidelines. We regularly perform simulation studies in activated sludge, water, water/sediment or soil. Various inocula from local wastewater treatment facilities, rivers, lakes, oceans, fields and forests are studied. Our teams can help you develop an individual testing strategy and find the right testing method for your agricultural compound. Benefits of Our Agrochemical Biodegradability Testing Services  Customized services, including support for testing, consulting, and obtaining certification from local experts Assurance that the final delivered agrochemical products meet strict quality, safety, and environmental friendliness standards Assurance that products successfully pass biodegradability testing and evaluation by third-party certification bodies   Testing Methodology  Study the complexity of biochemical interactions, the composition of the needs of each agrochemical material being tested, and the specific biodegradation testing Choose the optimal biodegradation agrochemical product Conduct biodegradation, toxicology,  test method for a specific  and bioaccumulation testing simultaneously for environmental fate analysis on the agricultural products for regulatory and third-party label claims
  • 2.BOC Sciences Advantages  Highly specialized technical and analytical services for the worldwide registration and regulatory compliance of agrochemicals Robust analytical testing programs that span from research and product development through the production process to final product Relies on broad industrial experience, ensuring that all of our work meets the high standards expected by our clients Our regulatory experts, toxicology consultants, scientists and inspectors will ensure that you receive maximum levels of guidance, testing and inspection you need.   